Day One…..

….so I’ve been steadily trying to get healthier….

…by steadily I mean that I pay attention to it every other month or so for a couple of weeks, and then I slip back into my usual habits.  However, since the first of the year I’ve been pretty good about ‘maintaining’ my weight and activity level.  I’m trying to get to the point where the ‘normal’ is actually…well, NORMAL for human beings, instead of for me.

….and I’ve been trying this HCG ‘diet’, where you take these drops and they allow you to undergo an extreme low calorie diet (supposed to be 500 calories a day).  I tried it a couple of years ago and lost 55 lbs in about three and a half weeks.  Kept it off too, for a month or so… then I let old habits in and BAM!  Gained it all back steadily over the next year.

So.  I made a determination that this year I would start off just trying to eat better stuff and less of it than I usually would.  No ‘diet’… just trying to keep in mind that the crap that goes into my body has made me the way I am today, and I would like to change that person (at least on the outside).  Success so far.. this calendar year I’ve lost 15 pounds from doing nothing else (I still drink a few beers on occasion, and eat some crap that is in no way good for me, I just do it a lot less than before).

But today I started with the HCG drops.. so I’ll be reporting on a semi-weekly basis to track how things are progressing.



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