My Saturday….

….. well, it always sucks when you forget to do something and only remember when it’s too late to get it accomplished…..

To operate a semi truck on the public roads, you have to buy tonnage for each truck, and usually you pay this fee by the month to the Department of Licensing.

Well, of course I got busy and didn’t remember to go down there today, and by the time I did remember it was already closed (this, of course, didn’t stop me from going down there anyway and wasting my time).

Luckily, my tonnage on my driver’s truck isn’t technically due until Midnight on Monday so I guess there’s a silver lining, right?

Got to spend some time with Shaw this morning and had a good time with Darin making shield blanks for some newer fighters in the Barony.  Helped Darin and Alice write some scrolls for the Barony.  Fixed up my light duty leg armor and my sword in case there’s a practice tomorrow.  Then fixed the Baronial website up so it works much better from mobile phones.

I’m left to wonder exactly what my ‘blog’ should be about?  I’m thinking SCA, of course, but I wonder if I shouldn’t have a mundane account of my life in the trucking industry?

Anyway, off to spend some time with the wee man and the family.


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